A Field Trip to the Waterford Second Street School

By the Catoctin Elementary 4th grade class
October 10, 2000

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The Second Street School House is a living history program that allows students to attend school as children did in the 1800's. Here are there comments:

"This is the door that leads into the Waterford School house from second street in Waterford. Behind you is a big warm oven. We did school work like the kids did in the 1800's like spelling, reading, ciphering, and reciting"

"Miss Nickens sits here. She has a lot of books on her desk. She rings the big bell on her desk to either begin begin or end an activity. We even got to have recess!"

"When you walk into the Waterford school you feel like you are really in the 1800's. Each of us had to act in the part of a child that attended the school over 100 years ago. This was a great field trip! Thanks Miss Nickens!"